A lot of employees are thinking of how to become importers but most do not know how to transition from the corporate world to the importation business world. Some do not even know the steps they should take or the things they should consider before leaving the corporate world and venturing into the importation business world.

So here they are:

1. Start learning or building the skills you will need to succeed as an importer while on the job and some of the vital skills include but not limited to products research, sourcing, negotiating, marketing, sales and branding.

2. Start saving some of your income as capital that you will use to start your importation business.

3. Look for an active importer you can work with on a part-time basis and who should also act as your mentor.

4. Network and start building relationships with other importers and one of the ways you can do that is through the Importation Business Group.

5. Start working longer hours on your job so as to train your body to be ready to work longer hours as an importer/entrepreneur.

6. Learn how to research for ideas and opportunities in the importation business niche, learn fast and implement faster.

7. Start building an audience on social media and let people know you love the importation business hustle.

8. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, understand your niche and target audience, and study your competitors.

9. Start your importation business before quitting your full-time job so you can test the waters for real before making that final decision to leap.

10. Be willing to take some risks and be ready to fail but never, ever quit.
Jerry Ihejirika, a.k.a. The Smart Imporpreneur, has an outstanding reputation and is a highly sought-after coach and consultant in the importation business niche. He is the founder of the Importation Business Group and the Jerry Ihejirika Inner Circle, and Assistant Manager at Ginax International Enterprises. He started his importation business in early 2000’s, has built a successful importation business, and has mentored over 5000 importers and e-commerce entrepreneurs from around the world.


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