There are a lot of mini importers who are very good with products research and analysis, and most of them are on Facebook. Some are even GREAT with it. All you need do is look for the major Facebook groups where they promote their products. Join those groups, filter out the products you are not interested in or that doesn’t fall into your niche, and LEVERAGE on their products research skills to grab the ones you find interesting, that falls into your niche, that has good feedback/response in those groups/pages, and that’s profitable. You can also LEVERAGE their Instagram posts, online stores, and Facebook pages.

Most of the products that they share or sell on those online platforms will continue to get good demand for some period of time because Nigeria is a big market. So you don’t need to panic about entering the market late. Besides, the market doesn’t care who’s the first or last to bring in a product. It only reacts to the forces of demand and supply, and your sales and marketing skills.

Again, if you want to SCALE BIG in the importation business, THINK LEVERAGE.

Jerry Ihejirika, a.k.a. The Smart Imporpreneur, has an outstanding reputation and is a highly sought-after coach and consultant in the importation business niche. He is the founder of the Importation Business Group and the Jerry Ihejirika Inner Circle, and Assistant Manager at Ginax International Enterprises. He started his importation business in early 2000’s, has built a successful importation business, and has mentored over 5000 importers and e-commerce entrepreneurs from around the world.

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