Procurement Service

Our procurement service is restricted to items listed in our online store. If you discover any item that’s listed in our online store and you would like us to help you procure the item from China, call or message us on WhatsApp at 0703 097 2415. Our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per item and we can ship your item via air (7-15 days) or sea (55-65 days) cargo.

Payment Service

If you have already negotiated with your suppliers in China, agreed at a price, and need someone to help you make secured payments in yuan or dollar to each of your suppliers, we can do that for you. The minimum order payment request we accept is $500USD or ¥3000CNY. That is, the total cost of your order must be equal to or more than $500USD or ¥3000CNY before we will accept your payment request. We also charge a 5% commission fee per payment request.

How It Works

You will pay us in US dollars (or the exchange equivalent in naira) here in Nigeria and we will pay your supplier in dollars or yuan, whichever they want. The money will be transferred to theirs or the company’s bank account.

Current Exchange Rates

$1USD = ¥6.70CNY
$1USD = N365NGN


Naira to Yuan ==> N300,000 ÷ N54.5 = ¥5504.5

Dollar to Yuan ==> (N300,000 ÷ N365 = $821.9) $821.9 × ¥6.7 = ¥5506.7

You could see that you could have more yuan if you use the dollar to yuan exchange method.

Please note that exchange rates do fluctuate from time to time so call or message Jerry on WhatsApp at 07030972415 to confirm the current exchange rate before making any payment or deposit.

Private Labeling Service

We can work together with you and help you private label or white label any product that will be manufactured in China. Get in touch with us for more details.

Need Any Service?

For inquiry or to request for any of the services, you can either call Jerry on 0703 097 2415, message him on WhatsApp or Messenger, or fill our online form.