Start with a general store and test a bunch of products. Whenever you discover any hot-selling or high-in-demand product in your general store, go niche on that product by creating a separate account/website for it. The data you have gotten from your general store will help you scale the product faster in your niche store.

Keep testing more products in your general store and keep going niche on the few ones that are selling hot. If you’re into drop shipping or promoting a non-branded product, it’s advisable to keep your niche stores as private as possible. Your competitors will definitely see your ads and your store but they won’t know who’s behind it.

If you have been in the business for some time and have discovered your niche, you can focus on your niche.

Jerry Ihejirika, a.k.a. The Smart Imporpreneur, has an outstanding reputation and is a highly sought-after coach and consultant in the importation business niche. He is the founder of the Importation Business Group and the Jerry Ihejirika Inner Circle, and Assistant Manager at Ginax International Enterprises. He started his importation business in early 2000’s, has built a successful importation business, and has mentored over 5000 importers and e-commerce entrepreneurs from around the world.

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