One of the questions I get asked the most by aspiring importers is how they can start the importation business without capital and my answer is very simple: Go and get a job.

You see, some of the big entrepreneurs you know today started from the corporate world. They tested the entrepreneurial waters while on-the-job, developed some necessary skills set and saved some money before venturing fully into the entrepreneurial world.

If you don’t have the capital to start your importation business, go and get a job. I don’t care what job it is, just go and get a JOB. Your priority shouldn’t be starting an importation and ecommerce business but having a source of income. When you have secured a source of income, then you can start devoting some of your time to learning some critical things such as how to choose the right niche, how to research for products in any chosen niche, how to source for products on Alibaba/1688, how to negotiate with suppliers on any of the platforms or both, how to arrange payment and shipment, and how to market and sell your imported products. Then when you have saved some money and gotten some basic knowledge or developed some basic skills, you can then start a part-time mini importation business while still running your full-time job. Test the water and see if it’s something you can do on a long-term basis because whether you like it or not, the importation and ecommerce business is NOT for everyone.

Another means of raising capital is by starting a drop shipping or affiliate marketing business but then you need some products research, sales and marketing skills, and some online marketing budget to start making money in the drop shipping or affiliate marketing business. So if you don’t have capital, go and get a job and start from there.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong if you start your entrepreneurial journey from the corporate world.

Jerry Ihejirika, a.k.a. The Smart Imporpreneur, has an outstanding reputation and is a highly sought-after coach and consultant in the importation business niche. He is the founder of the Importation Business Group and the Jerry Ihejirika Inner Circle, and Assistant Manager at Ginax International Enterprises. He started his importation business in early 2000’s, has built a successful importation business, and has mentored over 5000 importers and e-commerce entrepreneurs from around the world.

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